Ferry Reservations Software

Increase business efficiency, reduce operation costs and sail with happier customers

Our Compass Ferry Reservation software solution is your robust solution for remote, demanding and complex ferry services - including inter-island, multi vessel, routes, fares, tickets and ship configurations. Tickets can be booked online, over the phone, via a kiosk or from any office – giving you full visibility of your bookings in real time.

Our web reservation software is highly secure and integrates fully with the main reservations system and ships' manifests. The system also uses secure storage for the processing of credit, debit and smart card information with PCI DSS compliance for web-bookings and Chip & PIN port ticketing.

Compass is ideal for contact centre bookings and smaller port offices – it also includes a quick booking option for busy, frequent or short sailings where traffic needs to be managed without delay.

Vehicles, account customers, printed confirmations, manifests, wait-listing, meter-age and tonnage calculations, timetables, seasons, alterations, availability and ship set-up can all be managed through the reservations system too.

Compass is also fully customisable and our tailored service includes all software, hardware, managed services, disaster recovery and continued support. We can also provide comprehensive reporting through our Statistics module too. 

Complex Reservations Capability

Flexible ticketing options allow for complex reservation calculations, with real time integration giving full transparency of available tickets. Quick bookings can also be made to manage traffic without delay for busy, frequent or short sailings, and the wait-listing feature manages vehicle capacity and customer satisfaction.

The Compass Reservations system also utilises intelligent pricing for special and non-standard fare structures, ensuring automatic ticket pricing.

Our Reservation system can also easily handle a variety of complex requests such as commissions, commercial credit accounts, client discounts, block bookings, tonnage calculations, hazardous goods, season changeovers, quick ship changes, multi-leg journeys, group bookings, berth and seat reservations, and other complex ticket types.  In addition, special offers and voucher codes for on board services can be bought by customers at the time of ticket purchase, increasing revenue and services offered.

Flexible Ticketing

Compass’ back end employee reservation software system uses telephone, email, port office and contact centre bookings for flexible ticketing. Its user friendly interface provides real time integration for space allocation, reservation processing, amendments and cancellations, for efficient ticketing, whilst secure web and mobile bookings use PCI DSS compliant payment processing for online, chip and pin or customer not present payments.  Email and printed tickets can also contain bar codes and mobile tickets QR codes for fast check in using scanning verification. 

Easy integration

The Compass ferry reservation software system integrates with a range of third party applications from bank and payment processing through to finance and business intelligence systems. The reservations system also integrates with the existing Compass Statistics module, and Compass’ Accounting and Finance package for payments and reconciliation.  Dynamic packaging options can also be developed if required, to allow for the creation of package deals with hotels and attractions at point of online ticket sales, increasing revenue.  

Offline and remote access

The offline version of the Compass reservation system ensures tickets can still be sold in the event of network failure and isolated ships have remote access using a secure browser interface via a satellite connection for regular ship-to-shore communication. 

Reporting and Auditing

Compass’ ferry reservations software has built in reservation reports that can be custom requested – for example to report on services, sailings, manifests, passenger numbers, internet bookings and mobile ticketing cash ups.   Periodic customer and account statements can also be easily generated, with full audit trails of all data and system changes, and full historical data lookup on archived bookings – searchable by booking number, surname, vehicle registration or departure date.

Additionally, more advanced statistics recording and reporting is available through the Compass Statistics module, with data on carryings, no-shows and performance (for example scheduled and actual departure and arrival times, and delay reasons).

Customer features

Using the Compass ferry reservations system, real time reservations can be made online over the web and using smartphones, over the phone, via email, at touch screen kiosks or through port offices and contact centres, providing true customer convenience and full accessibility of available reservations. Customers can also choose to receive reservation confirmations by email or SMS, with printable PDF tickets or QR codes for ticketless travel.

Moreover, using the online self-service feature, customers can easily amend or cancel their reservations, update their account information, and save account and payment preferences for quicker future bookings. Customers can also choose to pay using a flexible choice of safe and secure PCI DSS compliant payment methods – using credit or debit cards, or PayPal when integrated.

Advanced features

Compass can be developed to include a fully customisable interface for your organisation, and other features such as customer loyalty cards and programmes can be developed to suit your requirements.  The reservations system can also be developed to handle multiple currencies and to include multilingual capabilities.  

Enhanced customer service

User friendly online reservations allows customers to make real time bookings at their convenience, with minimum data capture, system defaults and saved account details and preferences for quick and easy reservations. Intelligent pricing also returns best price search results for all journey and vehicle types, with options for payments for third party bookings including credit accounts for haulage and commercial customers.

Compass’ on-boarding also uses fast car vehicle checks and smart phone boarding passes for ticketless travel, with options for smart card ticketing or for tickets to be emailed, posted or routed for port collection too.  Furthermore vouchers and special offers for on board services can be bought at time of ticket purchase and SMS text notifications can alert customers of delayed or cancelled sailings.

Increased efficiency and reliability

Compass uses rugged touch screen hand held devices with laser scanners and ticketless travel options for fast all-weather on boarding, as well as using fast car length checks on sailings for efficient space allocation.

Enhanced inventory control also increases efficiency and reliability as reservations for all passengers, freight and ancillary services are centralised in one system, and route maintenance for season changeovers can be easily implemented.

Additionally payment for reservations is taken at the time of bookings to ensure adequate cash flow, with the Compass software being fully PCI DSS compliant.

More informed management reporting

Unlike outdated legacy ferry software systems, Compass provides accurate and real-time reporting and full visibility of bookings, providing better management information that can be extracted using any standard report formats such as Excel.

Revenue Maximisation

Easier, quicker and real time reservation bookings ensures efficiency gains and revenue maximisation, with additional revenue generation available utilising dynamic packaging deals and promotions if required.  Additionally, through the customer online self-service feature, employee administrative overheads and operating costs are reduced.  

Bank and Payment Processing Integration

The Compass reservations system integrates with PCI DSS compliant third party debit and credit card payment providers, merchant bureau services for batch processing of payment submissions and chip and PIN terminals for integrated reservations and ticketing. 

Business Intelligence Integration

Compass ferry reservations easily integrates with many software intelligence systems including our own Compass Statistics module, postcode lookup software for reservations, vehicle licensing agencies for car registration validation (for example for data such as vehicle length for more efficient space allocation), existing data warehouse software, tailored business intelligence suites and other third party systems.

Finance Integration

The Compass ferry reservation systems easily integrates with reporting and accounting business systems and software for the generation of daily invoices, revenue records, cashbook and transfers, allowing you to work more efficiently.

Statistics Integration

Our Compass Ferry Reservation software has an additional and optional Compass Statistics model that provides management reports and statistics on both reservations and ticketing.

Using this add on, you can easily and quickly run reports and statistics on all of your ferry data from sailings to passengers, finance metrics and performance. 

Benefits include the ability for customised reporting and forecasting and the ability to identify business risks and opportunities.

You can also use the module to provide all of the data needed to fulfil governance reporting requirements.

  • Carryings per sail
  • Delays by route and cause of delay
  • Tickets by route
  • Passengers shipped and landed
  • Adult, child and private or commercial metrics
  • Breakdown of traffic types
  • Monthly performance statistics
  • Sailing statistics entry
  • Capacity and time limits
  • Cause and delay codes
  • Archiving