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Ferry Ticketing & Ferry Reservation Software

Ferry Reservations

Reliable and robust solutions to manage reservations, sales and administration for ferry companies.

Ferry Ticketing

Ticketing systems for use at Point of Sale in Port offices including payment by cash & card.

Ferry Statistics

Meaningful reports & statistics provide management information for informed decision making:

Systems Integration

Integrating subsystems with Maxima Ferry Systems - ensuring they function seamlessly together.

PDMS Ferry Ticketing & Ferry Reservation Software

PDMS have been actively involved in the Ferry Ticketing and Ferry Reservation Software market for over 15 years, providing highly reliable, functionally rich solutions that continually evolve to meet business and regulatory requirements.

The needs of our Ferry Operator customers mean that we must provide reliable and robust solutions in some of the most remote and demanding geographic areas, making full use of advancements in technology.

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We can offer all our customers a tailored service including all software, hardware, services and continued support for their Ferry Reservations, Ferry Ticketing and Ferry Statistical/Reporting needs.

Our Ferry Ticketing & Ferry Reservation Software is robust and designed for the complexities of inter-island ferry services with a varied array of vessels, routes, fares, ticket types and ferry configurations.

Ferry Operators are some of our most interesting and rewarding customers to work with and we'd be delighted to discuss your business requirements with you.

Ferry Services:

Our Customers

PDMS's customers include Caledonian MacBrayne, Orkney Ferries Ltd, Shetland Islands Council Ferries, Western Ferries (Clyde) Limited , Pentland Ferries Ltd & Brinia S.A. in the Mediterranean.

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Ferry Customers